Technical Links

Tableau – Tips and Tricks – Forget the red pill Neo, understand the blue and green pills!

  • Blue = Discrete, Tableau Header
  • Green = Continuous, Axis – Groups, Hierarchies and Sets – Great example of a Tableau What If Scenario – Table calculations are a powerful feature of Tableau, take the time to understand table|across|down: the various permutations and pane, cell and dimension.

Wait a minute!  Need a table calc?  TRY LOD!






Cloudera Quick Start VM – VM with CDH, Cloudera Manager, Cloudera Impala, and Cloudera Search.
Cloudera Live – With a one-­button deployment option, you can spin up a four-­node cluster of CDH, Cloudera’s open source Hadoop platform, within minutes. This is a free, cloud­-based Hadoop environment.  After 14 days, you will need to pay to keep your gogrid cluster.

Cloudera Tutorial Listing – a comprehensive list.
Hue Demo- Nice when it works, but often there are issues, probably due to excessive usage of this free sand box.


Horton Works Sandbox – A VM to get you up and running fast.  Nice interface, easy to follow pig tutorial.

Horton Works Tutorials – a great place to start.
Hive on HDInsight – Tutorial – HDInsight on Azure – Great Primer on this Hortonworks/MS collaboration – Only requires a free azure trial subscription.



Ankit’s Sqoop Commands Page


Hive Tips



Hive Cheat sheets and functions


Pig – The classic Horton pig tutorial, requires the HortonWorks VM or can be emulated on Cloudera VM, Qubole, MortarData or TreasureData free trials.

Mortar’s Pig Cheat Sheet

Lester Martin’s Blog:  Look mom, no delimiters.  Use Pig to load a fixed width formatted files  into Hive.


Miscellaneous Hadoop – Core Servlets: Hive, Pig, Hbase and Hadoop Lessons. – Important, when setting up your own cluster.




Quick Start MDX –

Katie and Emil build a basic cube in SSAS 2012:



Robert Sheldon’s clear explanation of using XML config files in SSIS: